For New Patients

We utilize a team approach involving the patient, physician and therapist in developing an effective rehab plan. We provide a flexible schedule allowing each patient a minimum of an hour for personal, direct care.

Physical Therapists are specialists in the study of movement impairment syndromes and have an in depth understanding of anatomy and kinesiology as it relates to the normal performance of a specific body area. We look at postural alignment, muscle strength and apply this knowledge when we perform a clinical examination.

When you call our office for your first visit, we will schedule time to do a thorough clinical examination. During our first meeting we will review your past medical history to become familiar with other medical conditions or prior surgeries that may be contributing factors to the concern at hand. We utilize education, exercise, soft tissue massage, joint mobilization techniques as well as use modalities such as electric stimulation and ultrasound to help relieve pain and edema.

Through education we introduce corrective body mechanics, offer instruction in specific exercises and may perform specialized manual therapy techniques that assist with helping you regain performance or to minimize or prevent mechanical pain problems.