Your First Visit

What do I need to bring with me?

If referred by a physician, please bring your physical therapy referral.

If insurance is covering your cost of care, please bring your insurance card with policy number/ID number; if this is an on the job injury we will need your Workers Comp claim number and your case managers contact information. If covered by auto insurance, we will need your claim information.

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How should I dress?

Loose clothing that allows us to exam the area we are treating is best. If you have a knee problem, it is best to have shorts. For a shoulder condition it is best if women wear a tank top. But don’t worry, we have extra shorts and garments to have you wear if you do not remember to bring your own change of clothing!

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How many visits will I need?

We expect you should see measurable progress in 3-4 visits, and a large number of our patients receive between 6-12 visits to complete their care. Typically, visits occur 2-3 times per week. Post operative conditions may require up to months of care. Less severe impairments require only a few weeks.

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How long will each treatment last?

Usually between 45-60 minutes.

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What do physical therapists do?

  • Physical therapists are experts in movement and function. We have an in-depth understanding of anatomy and normal movement. We apply this when we look at ways to help prevent injury, restore function or relieve pain.
  • As educators and consultants, physical therapists can assist when workers are at risk of overusing certain muscles or developing low back pain. We can design conditioning programs for athletes to assure optimal performance. We assist with improving strength and relieving pain after surgery. We also are skilled at delivering care to restore function following a stroke or head injury.
  • Physical therapists provide hands-on-care in the form of exercise and functional training. Physical therapists also perform specialized myofascial techniques for muscles and tissues and “mobilize” (perform certain movements of the joint at the end of the available range) joints to help achieve and restore proper movement and function.
  • Physical therapy can only be provided by a licensed PT. Once a plan of care is developed a Physical Therapy Assistant, who completes a 2 year course of study, can provide care under the direction and supervision of a physical therapist.

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How does the billing process work?

  1. Prior to your first visit, we make an effort to obtain, from you, insurance information that will allow us to obtain any prior authorizations required by your insurer. This also allows us to disclose to you any required co-pays your insurer may require for physical therapy treatment. We will need your insurance policy number, and often the birth date of the person who is the primary subscriber on the policy. If it is an on the job injury, we will also need the name and contact information of the claims manager.
  2. Our billing office submits charges to your insurance company based upon the services delivered, at each visit, by your physical therapist
  3. The insurance company processes these charges and makes payment to our office based upon usual and customary fee schedules.
  4. You and we receive an EOB (Explanation of Benefits) statement from the insurer. It will describe the payments made to our office and identify any balance due by you to our office.
  5. We will send to you a billing statement that will summarize any payments due to our office.
  6. You are to make payment on the balance due by check either via the mail, any major credit card over the phone or stop into our office, share a cup of coffee or tea, and pay your bill!

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